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About me

I’m a second year Game Development student at HVA, Amsterdam. I love programming visual projects and algorithms.

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Unity shader graph

This was my 2021 summer project. To get a deeper understanding of the Unity shaders, I recreated some of my favorites using shader graph and custom HLSL code.

The project contains a variety of shaders that are made with performance in mind.

This project taught me a solid understanding of how HLSL shaders work, and how to make them using shader graph.

Puzzle design

This project was made as an assignment for a game mechanics design course. I chose to focus on puzzle design and polished gamefeel.

The puzzles were made with level design techniques from the GDC talk “Level Design Workshop: Solving Puzzle Design”

I polished the gamefeel with a beetle theme and making custom movement.

The research on puzzle design taught me how to introduce new skills to players.
The limits of the core mechanic forced me to create depth with level design.

Designing systems

In this group project I worked on the design, development and 3D modeling.

My design was based on systems and emergent behaviour. For this I made an inventory system. The items interact with the environment.

The skills I learned from this project are designing systems and basic 3D modeling.

Serious game

This group project is a serious game about linear equations. I worked on the design, development and created the scene.

The final result fit the case (teaching kids linear equations) well. A playable tutorial and the core mechanic are the contributions I’m most proud of.

During this project I learned the basics of Unity and how to design to fit client needs.


Eele Roet
Game Development student


Fast learner, social, independent.

Born •  22-08-2001

Hobbies programming, working out, juggling.

Has drivers licence.


HBO-ICT Game Development at University of Applied Science, Amsterdam
2019 – present.

MBO Niveau 4 Applicatie Ontwikkelaar at Horizon College, Hoorn
2018 – 2019.

HAVO at Da Vinci College, Purmerend
2013 – 2018.

Programming skills


English Advanced reading, writing and speaking.

Dutch Advanced reading writing and speaking.

Work experience

2016 – present
Machine maintenance and cleaning Volger Konstruktie


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